Your health is the first victim of poor indoor air quality. Make your home comfortable, safe, and healthy with our products and services, delivered by a friendly team of certified professionals with excellent work ethics!

How Clean Air Makes a Difference

It’s easy to live a healthier life. At Doyal Heating and Cooling, we understand what may be compromising your well-being and know what steps to take to improve it. You know you need UV lights after a bout of infection or air purifiers after a nasty pollen season. But do you know you should always have solutions for better indoor air quality? This is not just a seasonal affliction. Bad indoor air quality can be a year-round problem – and can have life-lasting effects!

Why Indoor Air Quality Matters

We know quite a bit about pollution by now. We’ve heard about car exhaust pollution, methane pollution, radioactive waste, and more. But when it comes to the air quality at home, we often think it’s much safer than it really is!

The Facts:

  • 1 in 4 Americans do not go out every day
  • Indoor air is a top ten pollution factor
  • Symptoms of air pollution are misleading
  • Effects of indoor air pollution are often visible in time

We spend 90% of our day indoors. 21 hours out of every 24 is spent either at home or in an enclosed space like an office. One in four Americans does not go out at all. Does that make us safe? Not at all!

Get Professional Help

Don’t leave your health to chance. We can help you with essential products that will make all the difference!

  • High-efficiency HVAC systems
    Take care of humidity, odors, mold, dander, dust, and more with the help of the HVAC system itself.
  • UV lights
    By getting and running a UV light regularly, you will help disinfect your home and do away with viruses and bacteria that hide out of sight.
  • Programmable thermostats
    Powerful digital thermostats will help you set automatic tasks at certain times and improve air quality with just a few touches.
  • Air purifiers
    Air purifiers can help eliminate particulates, microbial pollutants, and gases. This is a smart long-term solution