No ductwork? No problem. Even homes and spaces without ductwork can be filled with comfort and peace of mind thanks to ductless systems. Energy-efficient ductless systems forgo the ducts in favor of a pair of indoor and outdoor units to heat and cool your home. These units are comprised of an indoor and outdoor unit, with the indoor unit mounted onto the wall while the compressor is installed outdoors. These products are often used in additions to existing structures or environments where baseboard heating or window A/C units would be considered.

Ductless Options are Suitable for:

  • Smaller spaces
  • Heating and cooling isolated areas
  • New additions, garages, bonus rooms
  • Homes that have no existing ductwork
  • Supplementary cooling for areas such as additions, garages, bonus rooms
  • Landlords needing to cool multiple units inside a building

How Do Ductless Systems Work?

A ductless mini-split system delivers heated, cooled, or ventilated air directly to the target room, without running through ventilation ducts. Ductless A/C and heat systems, just like ducted ones, have two main components: a compressor outdoors and one or more air handler units indoors. Indoor units can be placed almost anywhere in the room, as long as they can be reached by a thin conduit. They normally each have their own remote control, for easy access.

Why Choose Ductless Systems?

  • Zoning capabilities
    Room-by-room control is a top feature!
  • Quiet
    While not exactly silent, ductless A/C systems are surprisingly quiet.
  • More efficient
    Less heat and cooling are lost than in a ducted system.
  • Excellent retrofitting solutions
    Add rooms as you wish!
  • Money-saver
    Efficient and easy to manage, they make a difference to your budget.
  • Eco-friendly
    Reduced carbon output and zero ozone depletion potential.
  • Flexibility in design options
    You can put them almost anywhere.